Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Clara

I've never admitted to specializing in anything but wedding photography, if I can even say that! But I've definitely taken a lot of pictures of my kids as they've grown from babies to toddlers and into the 'big boy' stage of 8 years old. At this point, my kids don't really 'want' to be photographed, so I'll succumb to finding ways to sneak great shots - like candid playing and hopefully some awesome baseball shots once the season starts.

With that said, I wouldn't mind experimenting with some newborn photography. I was tickled 'pink' when my friend, Melissia, asked if I could take some shots of her little sweetheart, Clara. I learned quickly that newborn photography is a whole different ballgame. You work with what you get ... no real staging unless you have a baby who LOVES to sleep and is GOOD at it! Clara did a fantastic job and gave me a taste of what it would be like to be a 'baby' photographer. I have a whole new appreciation for Anne Geddes. Here are some of my faves...

I even got a little smile out of her!


  1. These pictures are beautiful! You are very talented, don't sell yourself short! Keep up the good work and keep posting your pictures I enjoy looking at them! GREAT JOB!!!!

  2. Wow! Great work, Jenae! You really have a talent! And of course it helps that Clara is a beautiful subject!

  3. oh wow, Jenae those are just amazing.