Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Boys

My little guy, Weston, is 2. Lately he really has been showing it. He's potty-trained and I like to give him some privacy as needed. However, there are some dangers to that ....

 Uh - Oh!!

I can't really get upset. It's only natural for a 2 year old to want to unroll the ENTIRE roll of t.p. So instead of getting upset, I get my camera! Say, "More t.p., PLEEEAAASSEEE!"

And with the arrival of spring, we've taken FULL advantage of the sunshine and warm breezes ...

Weston enjoyed some 'truck' time in the driveway ...

Addison decided to make sandwiches for lunch ... he brought them out with juice boxes and pickles. The boys had a little picnic in between riding bikes and playing in their 'fort' by the springhouse.

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