Monday, April 12, 2010

Boys in Bluebells

April 2010

Growing up in Emmaus, I always knew about Lockridge Park. My classmates and I were taken there on school field trips to learn about the iron furnace (the last anthracite iron furnace in the US!) and better yet, it meant a picnic lunch and some play time in the park. We looked forward to this field trip EVERY year! Little did I know how many more times I'd visit this park in my lifetime ... and in my children's lives.....

I've taken their pictures in the 'bluebells' (grape hyacinths) just about every year since Addison was about 1 year old. It's hard to believe how many Aprils have come and gone since we started this tradition. And this year was the first year where I felt nostalgic. Addison (almost 8 years old) is starting to seem too old to make him sit in the bluebells and pose. He humored me and went along with it, but I had to wonder what next year will bring ... where does the time go?

ADDISON .... at 'almost' 8 years old:

Addison's Long-Time Friend, Kate

Enough's Enough....

WESTON ... at 'almost' 3 years old:

Weston had a little accident with a toy on Easter, thus the little boo-boo by his upper lip!

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