Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Those BLUE eyes!

I've been waiting for a family to break the mold and sign up for a winter photo session. This family reached out to me for their daughter's '1st Birthday' photos, and I was SO excited to play outside.

I love the winter and think it offers a beautiful "cool" natural light that is sometimes hard to get during the warmer months when the sun is at a different angle. These photos came out just as I hoped ... and we were even able to capture a few 'firsts!' She had her first experience with snow, her first cupcake AND ... her FIRST STEPS ... caught on camera! Looking forward to working with them again!

 1st Time Touching Snow!

 After being out in the cold, mom put her in a sweet little dress for her cupcake pictures. She was standing for a minute and then ....

 First Step!! Her face is priceless here ... "What's happening right now?"

 Second Step!! ... "This is fun!"

 Mom was SO HAPPY!

 Such a special moment for us to all share!

 And then came the cupcake!

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